Sunday, 5 April 2015

American Girl Dolls as all 13 Disney Princesses ~HD~

American Girl Dolls as all 13 Disney Princesses ~HD~

For the past couple of months I had lots of fun customizing our American Girl Dolls to look like Disney Princesses. In a house full of girls, pink is prevailing, but I was surprised how colourful the Princess collection ended up looking, with very little pink indeed!

I started with Anna and Elsa, because we absolutely adore Disney Frozen move. Then I moved on to see how many others we can make to look like Disney Princesses, because we also love all original Disney Princess movies, as well Once Upon a Time TV series and of course the latest Disney Cinderella movie!

There is 13 official Disney Princesses as of spring 2015, and here's the final result (click on the picture to view the full video). I hope you enjoy it!
My American Girl Dolls as Disney Princesses
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