Monday, 4 May 2015

My AG Monopoly

My AG Monopoly

What a better way to spend Bank Holiday afternoon than spend lots of money buying lots of AG dolls WITHOUT actually spending any money at all :)

I got this "My Monopoly" game for my girls for Christmas last year, and it has been lying around unused as we haven't had any idea what to do with it. The game's instructions suggest to pick your favourite places or family memories to make your own Monopoly streets, but that did not appeal to us. Instead, one day, after buying yet another American Girl doll (I know, it's so addictive), I jokingly suggested we make My American Girl Monopoly, where we can all buy the dolls. Not just mummy :)

Don't worry, we play lots of different editions of Monopoly games and I am sure my girls will not grow up to want to buy lots of expensive dolls, just like they won't be buying Trafalgar Square, in real life.

I took the pictures of our favourite American Girl dolls and we made four streets - a GOTY - Girl of the Year dolls street, a Historical / BeForever dolls street, our Custom American Girl Dolls street, and of course, our Disney Princesses street. There are 30 pictures required for the board, and 4 for the tokens, but if you want, you can have different ones on the back, as the board tiles are double-sided/reversible. We've also added cut out letters 'AG' and stuck onto the board to make it look like 'My AG Monopoly'.

Oh, and if you're not familiar with My Monopoly game, it's just like normal Monopoly but you can put your own pictures on the tiles to create the streets and the tokens to make your own unique game. It's available in many toy shops or online shops like Amazon.


It's not exactly full on crafting, but still a bit of a "make your own" truly unique monopoly game. The pictures are uploaded to 'my monopoly' website, and you print them onto supplied sticker sheet. The print quality was not brilliant, but still fun enough for us to enjoy the game. And there's enough stickers to make more than one theme / game. I think the My AG Monopoly game is a must for any AG dolls collector!

$400 for a Kanani American Girl Doll, anyone? It's so much easier to accept that high price because it's not a real money you'd be parting with :)

...and if you want to see a little bit more of this American Girl Monopoly, we've made this quick stop motion video where Anna and Elsa, our "Frozen" Disney Custom American Girl dolls explain it all:

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