Monday, 7 July 2014

Knitted Unisex Baby Blanket

Knitted Unisex Baby Blanket

Last year, when expecting my fifth baby, I had a sudden urge to learn to knit. I tried knitting at school, long long time ago, but the result was an over-sized headband and a very long and uneven scarf. I was discouraged by my teacher who thought that because I'm left-handed, I'd be no good at hand crafts. This time, I was determined to teach myself. Armed with a number of YouTube videos, a pair of cheap circular needles and some white value DK yarn from local HobbyCraft, I persevered.

I opted for a "simple" Heart Blanket (probably not the simplest pattern for a newbie, but I do like a challange), available as free pattern from Ravelry.

A week later I emerged victorious - although a bit sleep deprived, with a finished baby blanket to proudly wrap my new baby in (and I feel I proved my old teacher wrong - left handed people CAN knit!!!). I opted for white yarn because a) it's my favourite colour, and b) I did not know the sex of the baby.

Knitted Unisex Baby Blanket
Stitch markers are essential

Knitted Unisex Baby Blanket
Hearts are faintly visible

Knitted Unisex Baby Blanket
Finished baby blanket

CO for 12 hearts = 168 st, overall size of blanket ended up roughly 120cm x 90cm.

This blanket is now very special to me - it has been well used by the new baby, but also because it's actually my first ever handmade project, which started me off on the CraftsAdore path of many more craftiful creations.

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