Thursday, 17 July 2014

Sewing Little Girl Dresses - With Sleeves

Sewing Little Girl Dresses

After having learned to sew some soft toys, and a simple pillow dress, I've decided to learn to sew dresses. Since I did not want to waste expensive fabric, we went to a thrift shop and got some double bed covers - there's plenty of fabric to learn to sew from that and the fabric pattern look interesting to be made into a dress. The dress pattern was from Simplicity range, and the dresses are made from largest size 6 and size 4, to fit my two middle daughters. Don't they look cute in their matching dresses?
Sewing Little Girl Dresses
Pretty in Pink

The pattern was easy enough to follow although I had to refer to YouTube for instructions on sleeves easing - that bit took me the longest. I finished the dresses off with some decorative stitching and ric rac ribbons, in pink of course. I'm not sure I would let them out in a real world in these dresses but they're more than perfect for garden play. Next time, I may be brave enough to try "proper" fact I think I may have to learn to do a prom dress pretty soon.

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