Thursday, 5 June 2014

Tilda Cupcake Angel - The Best Diet Advice Ever

Tilda Cupcake Angel

Most of Tilda dolls I make are tall and slim. But in real life, as much as we strive to be like a Tilda doll, it is not always the case.

Luckily I found the best solution to my nightly fridge raids - I've made a Cupcake Tilda and stuck it on the fridge!

This voluptuous Cupcake Tilda designed by Tone Finnanger is now proudly stuck my fridge with a cleverly hidden magnet under her dress, constantly reminding me what happens if I keep on snacking.

It's a very quick make, just about a couple of hours, and a perfect sewing project for a beginner. The dress is also easy to sew - in the book this Tilda Cupcake Angel has a felt dress, to stop it from fraying. However, I decided to do it in a Tilda fabric, so ended up struggling a bit with doing seems on the very small sleeves opening. The pink gingham wings are actually made from an old baby dress from one of my daughters, so it also acts as a "keepsake".

* Tilda Cupcake Angels patterns can be found in Tone Finnanger's Tilda's Studio book, highly recommended!


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