Thursday, 5 June 2014

Tilda Sewing Angel

Tilda Sewing Angel

I love this Marylin Monroe-inspired Tilda Angel. It's called a Sewing Angel, designed by Tone Finnanger, and it was made out of a kit. Although I ended up using a book pattern because there is actually some size difference - the book pattern is a bit bigger than the one included in the kit, and if I'm spending all this time sewing a Tilda doll, I might as well go for the big one.

And let's face it - any sewing room needs a Tilda Sewing Angel to watch over it, so naturally I had to make one!
Tilda Sewing Angel
My Sewing Angel to Watch Over Me
Tilda Sewing Angel
Call me "Bed Hair" Tilda Angel
The kit contained all the fabric for the skin, dress, wings and blanket and some die cut outs for the sewing machine, as well as the Tilda hair and the two wooden bobbins. Plus all the bits you need like glue, embroidery floss, sewing thread and needles, which I ended up not using, as I already had some own stash. I found the instructions ok, but since I had the book as well, I followed both.

This project was only my second Tilda Angel attempt - the first one was not so good, made from some scrap fabric, as a trial run, so I can't really post it here :( - but all was not lost as it ended up being a play toy for the younger daughter. In fact, I did the dress from her old baby dress, so it ended up being a treasured keepsake...

This second attempt at the Tilda Sewing Angel turned out almost ok. The only thing I was not happy with was the hair. I kept doing it several times, but it kept looking awful, so in the end I just arranged it and messed it up randomly - I guess I should call it a Tilda Sewing Angel with "bed hair".

I love the Tilda skin fabric though - it seems different, more stretchy, than normal cotton. It seems dark, especially when compared to the calico that I have been using on other Tilda dolls. But it's relatively expensive per meter, so I have cheated a bit, and cut the pattern in such a way that I managed to make another Tilda Studio Angel out of it.

* Tilda Sewing Angel pattern can be found in Tone Finnanger's Tilda's Spring Ideas book, highly recommended!


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